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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gotta Start Somewhere

With all this talk about changes to diet and motivation to get healthier, it makes sense to post a starting point, right? Well, we recently cashed in some of our Air Miles in exchange for a fancy weigh scale, which does more than just give you a weight readout. It also does a body analysis to show you your (approximate) body fat weight, body fat %, body water % and bone mass %.

Here are my initial measurements as of just a few moments ago:

Date Weight BF Weight BF % Body Water % Bone Mass %
01/30/2010 163.2 50.7 31.3 50.0 6.5

I know I have lots of room for improvement (my goal is to lose 20 or so pounds so I can fit into my work clothes again) and I actually started last night. I went down our "workout room" in the basement and went on the elliptical trainer for between 5-10 minutes while hubby made dinner. (Yeah, I know this isn't an optimal time to "work out" but hey, it was better than sitting there and eating chocolates while waiting!) We really need to put some sort of clock down there.

I also did some weight training with the lightest free weights I have. Note that I haven't touched these things in too many years, so I'm starting out small. I did two sets of the following:

- 8 lateral raises
- 8 front raises
- 8 bicep curls
- 8 tricep kickbacks

Then I got on the floor and did 32 stomach crunches followed by 8 (girl) push-ups, 24 more stomach crunches and 8 more push-ups.

Dinner was ready at that point (an omelet made with love) so upstairs I went to eat. Holy shit was that omelet ever tasty!

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