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Friday, January 29, 2010

REAL Food. You should eat it.

It takes more time and energy to feed yourself well, yes, but it is definitely worth the effort. Having never been much of a cook, it's actually exhilarating to be able to say that we made a dish using real ingredients instead of heating up some pre-processed, boxed concoction loaded with chemicals and artificial flavours by some company that really doesn't give a crap about YOUR well-being.

We don't want to waste what food we currently have in our cupboards (packaged or canned items, laden with sodium and sugar, among other things), so we're using that stuff up while we transition to an "all real food" diet. As I type I'm eating some hot oatmeal that came in a package, which you just add hot water to. It says "reduced sugar" on the packaging, but there are still lots of unpronounceable ingredients listed. Can't wait to be rid of this stuff.

My next step is to make my own oatmeal breakfast cereal as well as healthy, fruity fibre bars for snacks (recipes, anyone?). Obviously I haven't cut grains out of my diet (as I mentioned before, I'm not going full-on-paleo at this point...not sure if I ever will be able to), but things definitely are a-changing in our house.

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