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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Swimming - LOVE IT!

I grew up with an above-ground pool in my backyard, and we used it regularly until my parents split up; once Dad moved out, the pool got torn down.

I've never been one to go out of my way to swim in public pools, but now that my mom lives in a condo that has an indoor pool (saltwater, no less), I'm there! Hubby is working hard at improving his swimming abilities as well, especially since we're booked to go to Barbados for two weeks! He's never been a fan of water so he's really got some work to do before we can even think about going snorkeling. Armed with a pair of goggles he can now get his head under the water for a few seconds, and that's a HUGE milestone for him. I'm so proud. :)

We went swimming last night at Mom's and had a good time except for some idiot doing laps and splashing us in the face with every stroke he took. My tummy muscles reminded me of the crunches I did the other day, but in a good way. I didn't over-do it, thankfully.

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