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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Morning After

Yesterday was Christmas dinner at Dad's, which consisted of my step-mom's always delicious dishes like curry goat, turkey, roast duck, candied sweet potatoes, stuffing, etc. etc. I ate, not worrying too much about how much (bread) stuffing or mashed potatoes I was having (and the two stiff rum 'n Coke's went down pretty well too!); it's Christmas, dammit! :)

I barely had room when the desserts came out, but I couldn't pass them up (see above). I tried a small piece of oh-so-moist Christmas cake (which wasn't loaded with candied fruit chunks, thankfully) and a couple of homemade shortbread cookies. I didn't have enough room to have any raisin tarts or cherry pie, which was just fine with me. My coffee had less than a teaspoon of sugar added and some half and half cream. Amazingly, it still tasted sweet enough, considering I used to put two teaspoons of sugar.

With a sore, bulging belly I made my way over to the couch to relax (and stay away from everyone, since I was sick with a cold). When we got home I had my Greens+ drink, eventually downed my two DDS Acidophilus capsules, and went to bed knowing full well that I wasn't going to sleep. I just knew; my breathing was rapid, the air felt cold coming into my nose (sucks, when you're sick), my heart was racing and so was my brain. I couldn't relax one bit.

I tossed and turned until about 3:30am when I couldn't stand it anymore and went to the office to surf the net. I also made myself a NeoCitrin in hopes of soothing my throat (and myself!) enough to sleep. At around 6:30am I headed back to bed to try again. A few Zs were had, though I was awake again at 9:30 when hunnybun got up. He then disappeared into the basement in hopes of letting me sleep some more.

A few more Zs were had, but I gave up at around 12:30pm. I feel better now but we're going to my sister's for dinner tomorrow night and I will probably eat some more crap. Whatever; it's Christmas. :)

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