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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stupid toes...

The worst problem I've ever had with my feet have been the odd mild in-grown toenail, which was never painful enough to require surgical intervention.  In the past several months I've suddenly had 1) a really bad, deep callous, which made it very painful to walk normally, and 2) yesterday I was startled when I noticed that the toenail on my left big toe is suddenly starting to lift off!  WTF?!  This is freaking me out a little - what happens if it falls off??

A few weeks ago I did notice that the older half of the nail was a bit yellowed, so I applied a drop of grape seed oil a few times (also in hopes of softening the nail to ease the in-grown problem that has resurfaced as well).  Now that it's lifting off I'm applying a drop of tea tree oil in hopes of killing this fungus.

The best part is that my doctor's office never bothered to phone me back when I left a message, asking them to arrange a podiatrist appointment.  A-holes.

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