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Thursday, March 8, 2012


My friend and I usually get together one night a week after work, and we usually go to the local mall to walk around, grab something to eat, and shoot the breeze.  Tonight we did just that.

She always arrives at the mall earlier than I, and today she was starving so while she was waiting for me she went downstairs to the dollar store to buy a chocolate bar.  *face palm*  See, this is my friend that grew up as an overweight girl, who later had lap band surgery and lost a whack of weight.  She has kept most of it off over the years, partly because she can't eat a lot of things that make it through the screening at the entrance to her stomach (!!), and thus most things come back up/out.  She was starving today because her lunch didn't stay down.  She also goes to the gym almost every morning before work, to work out for 2 HOURS.  Crazy shit.

Anyway, so she ate a "turtle" (you know, "Mmmm, I love Turtles!") and we made our way to the food court.  I hit up Bourbon St. Grill and got mixed veggies (99.6% broccoli) and something they called "coconut shrimp", and my buddy got a small sub from Mr. Sub.  After eating, we walked around the mall, chit-chatting about various crap and browsing in some stores.  At one point she wasn't sure if her dinner was going to stay down (the reek of the Crocs store nauseated both of us, actually), but it stayed put, thankfully.  After some more walking and shopping we headed for Dairy Queen and each got a blizzard (mini for me, and small for her).  Not a wise food day for either of us!

Earlier today I was having a hard time at work and my buddy, Gary, handed me half of his Coffee Crisp chocolate bar to cheer me up.  I told him straight out that it was like crack and he was being a pusher (not taking no for an answer), but I took it anyway.  I tried to ignore it for awhile, but eventually gave in.  Crack, indeed.

So, I renamed Thursday to Thu-mpday because of today's antics.

My bowel movements have been absent for much of this week, and I think it's because of last Saturday's antics; steak with Diane's sugary BBQ sauce, sweet mixed drinks (holy moly were they strong!), and desserts to top it off.  I had my regular bowel movement the next day but since then everything ground to a halt.  Until today, where it was not the usual easy-going event.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.  I miss my daily deposit!

So there you go.  Until next time...

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