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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Taking 4

You know what?  I've always hated food journals.  Why the hell should I post, for the world to see, what all I've been inserting into my (former) pie hole, anyway??  Nobody cares but me, right?  And these are a bit of a pain in the arse to do, mostly because I can't update from work; we're expressly forbidden from posting on message boards using company computers (but I think everyone does it anyway).  Blah.  Anyway...

Today's eats:

- 3x coffee with almond milk
- Obligatory bag of plantain crack
- Leftovers from last night/Easter dinner; two chicken thighs with plenty of juice, with some mashed potato
- A bunch of blackberries
- A good amount of water

- For dinner, a panzerotto from Pizzaville (the result of lack of planning/defrosting, but oh so delicious!)

- Vitamin D3, fish oil, cal-mag
- More water

Shit, I gotta go take something out of the freezer for tomorrow night's dinner!

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