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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Homepathy Treatment Plan / Update

Helen, my homeopathic practitioner, provided me with my first prescription last week: 2 tiny little balls of silicea.  The instructions were to take one tiny ball, dissolve it in about half a cup of water, and sip it throughout the day.  Ok, done.

It's hard to believe that such a tiny little ball of something could make any sort of a difference to a 150 lb (ok, 153.5 lb as of this morning) body, and to be honest, I haven't detected anything as yet, but I'm anxious for the second dose next Thursday.

As I mentioned before I have an actual goal this year, which is to complete the Toronto Tough Mudder event in September, so I'm tightening the belt, so to speak, and hauling my lazy ass back onto the proverbial wagon.  Over the past month I was enjoying way too much sugar and grain products.  (Dearest Hubby: if you come home with another apple pie I'm gonna wring your neck!)

I weighed myself on January 9th and was semi-shocked (more disappointed, really) to see 155 on the scale.  This morning, after a decent BM it read 153.5.  Good.  It's moving at least.

Oh!  I also mentioned before that I used some heavy-duty corn removal pads on my foot and finally I am seeing something happen.  Those things basically kill the layers of skin by drying them out so that they peel off.  That's what I have happening; a disc of now-dead skin that is slowly coming off, hopefully bringing the corn with it.  About half of the disc has come up, which I've clipped off using my nail clippers, so hopefully the rest will come loose by mid-next week.

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