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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry xmas to meeeeeee

Christmas of 2012 was very low-key and with all the traveling I'd been doing for work, I really wasn't in the mood for shopping malls.  Never mind trying to figure out what all these people could use.  I'm done with buying them "junk" that would either be thrown into a drawer or worse.  (So they didn't like the fantastic dish-drying gloves we got them a couple years back...their loss, right??)

Anyway, my xmas present to myself this year was an Instant Pot pressure cooker -- the same one that Mark suggested on his site.  It had rave reviews on Amazon and was on sale so I went for it.  Even without paying any extra for quick shipping, it appeared at our door within a couple of business days.  After thoroughly reading the instructions and warnings I decided that chicken soup would be the first dish cooked with it.

Out came the frozen chicken thighs (bone in, skin on...duh!), celery, carrots, onion, garlic and olive oil.  The pot was washed, the veggies were prepped.  You can also saute in the cooker before adding the rest of the ingredients, so the veggies were fried in the oil for a few minutes before the (now-thawed) chicken and 8 cups of water were added.

Close and lock the lid, press the Soup button, and sit back.  I wanted to stand by to see what it would do along the way, and it performed like a pro.  It got up to temperature, then to pressure, and showed me how long it would remain at pressure; 30 minutes.  It even counted down to zero.  I was quite impressed, actually.  Once it had finished we realized that some of Lalah's curry powder mix (which we LOVE) should have been added prior to putting the lid it was added at the end instead.  It was still super-yummy.

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