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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dry, itchy skin...ugh

Two posts ago I mentioned how my dry skin itch went away completely for the first time...ever?  Well, it's back.  I'm pretty sure I know why, though.

I mentioned that I had been slathering lotion (not just any lotion!) on my body while I was up North for the week, and when I returned home I stopped with the lotion to see if the silicea would have any effect from the inside.  I believe now, though, that the real actual root cause for my dry skin, is that I don't drink enough fluids.  At times I find it quite difficult to consume even 4 glasses of water in a day.  I'm just not that thirsty, oddly enough.

I'm not saying that the silicea isn't doing anything at all; it's just that homeopathic medicine is much more subtle than what we're used to ("Two tiny little balls?  That's it??").  It's not going to produce a miracle in my situation since I'm not keeping up my end of the most basic requirements of health.  I need to drink more fluids and I need to actually have my follow-up appointment with Helen to see what advice she has for me (other than drink more fluids, dumbass!).  THEN we have a chance of figuring out what else (if anything) I need.

In the meantime, I will go back to using the "band-aid" fix of the lotion because I can't stand being itchy all the time.  Having this rash all over me is just not acceptable. :)

In other news, I'm finding it less tedious to produce bowel movements.  That, I am VERY happy about.

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