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Saturday, May 5, 2012

That's IT. This addict is DONE!

If you are a returning reader you probably know about plantain crack.  That is, these little snack bags of spicy plantain chips under the brand name Fat Cats.  Well, for the past x number of months I've had a bag of these pretty much every day.  They're THAT good.  And addictive!

Occasionally, I'll be naughty and consume TWO bags in one day; it's happened maybe 2-3 times within the past month.  Now, while I could certainly be consuming something far worse, but I really feel a bit like a hopeless crack addict when this happens.  It happened again today, when I wasn't even hungry.  I was in the kitchen and the thought of these delicious chips popped into my head (I was standing near the shelf where I store the grocery bag of them in quantity).  Once that happens, there's no hope.  I'm eating those fuckers and enjoying every bit of it.

I hopelessly watched my hands grab the LAST BAG.  Then I felt myself walk over to the drawer to get the scissors and slice the top seam off.  I was on frigging auto-pilot, man.  It was at that moment that I decided that this was the last bag I'm going to eat and we're not going to buy any more, DAMMIT!!

This last bag was devoured hours ago and I feel afraid.  Afraid of what I'll eat for breakfast at work if I'm not devouring a bag of these chips like usual.  Wow.