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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Well THAT was fun...not.

Food journals suck.  There.  I'm not doing that anymore because it's like writing a book report -- torture.

Yesterday was a weird day - my appetite kept telling me to feed it, even though I wasn't really hungry, and I blame my tongue for wanting flavours of various kinds on it.  Flavour slut.  We'd had eggs for breakfast.  Then a bit later I tried shutting my tongue up by having a couple small pieces of 75% chocolate with PB on it.  It shut it up for about 5 minutes.

After trying to ignore it for a bit I decided to get some fat into me - that's supposed to satisfy hunger for awhile, right?  Took some lovely chicken broth gelatin from the fridge and warmed that up to drink.  Tasty as all hell, but freaking salty because when we cook our chicken thighs we coat them in EVOO and seasoned salt.  Anyway, tasty goodness.  That didn't last.  My brain and tongue were chanting "PLANTAIN CRACK!  PLANTAIN CRACK!!"

Again, I found myself on auto-pilot to get a bag of said crack and munched away, GUILTILY, while I did some review for my upcoming exam.  I love the taste of the spices on the plantain chips, but wow, are they ever addictive (hunny, don't you DARE take these away...I will hurt you).

I seemed to be okay until dinner after the bag of crack, thankfully.  Dinner was a boneless pork rib roast with bacon-wrapped asparagus as a side.  I couldn't eat all that much of my dinner, but somehow I was full/satisfied the rest of the night.

This morning my tummy was rumbling, so I had my coffee and will wait for the Sunday morning usual breakfast of bacon 'n eggs.  Mmmm.

In other news, my nasty rash has reappeared, but it's different this time in that it's not in the usual spot (underarms); it's mostly on my tummy and waist.  Check it out!

It's so bad at times that just pushing my fingernails into it will give me goosebumps.  Then of course I have to drag them across it a bit, but I've been experimenting with tea tree oil on it.  It will take away the sensitivity for a little while (and reduce the redness) but if I don't reapply within an hour or two it's back to square one.  Guess I'd better keep on top of that.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Taking 4

You know what?  I've always hated food journals.  Why the hell should I post, for the world to see, what all I've been inserting into my (former) pie hole, anyway??  Nobody cares but me, right?  And these are a bit of a pain in the arse to do, mostly because I can't update from work; we're expressly forbidden from posting on message boards using company computers (but I think everyone does it anyway).  Blah.  Anyway...

Today's eats:

- 3x coffee with almond milk
- Obligatory bag of plantain crack
- Leftovers from last night/Easter dinner; two chicken thighs with plenty of juice, with some mashed potato
- A bunch of blackberries
- A good amount of water

- For dinner, a panzerotto from Pizzaville (the result of lack of planning/defrosting, but oh so delicious!)

- Vitamin D3, fish oil, cal-mag
- More water

Shit, I gotta go take something out of the freezer for tomorrow night's dinner!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Taking 3

Have to post this before I forget!

Today's eats were:

Breakfast/Lunch (at work):

- 3 x coffee with chocolate almond milk (always the unsweetened flavour, so I'm not going to repeat that again)
- Bag of spicy plantain crack (chips)
- Small piece of prime rib (leftover from my dinner the other night)
- About half a cup of mashed potatoes


- 7-8 vitamin D3 drops
- Two tsp fish oil
- One tsp cal/mag
- Two chicken thighs, lightly coated in EVOO and seasoned salt (OMFGYUM)
- Water the rest of the night (after the 3 coffees with almond milk at work I was put off enough to not crave any at home)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Taking 2

All in all, yesterday wasn't so bad.  The worst part was after dinner when we were downstairs playing darts and watching everyone else munch away on popcorn.  Pretzels never did much for me, but the popcorn was tempting me something fierce.  I did not touch one kernel.

Hubby's making our usual Sunday breakfast this morning, which will consist of bacon and eggs.  I will not be eating any of the bacon, as that is not allowed on an anti-candida diet.  Boohoo.  I've done it before and will do it again.

He also made my coffee with cream, but it was still made with love so I will drink it and be merry.  He now knows that going forward my coffees will need the chocolate almond milk instead.  Such a sweetie - me so lucky. :)

So, breakfast was eggs, a tsp of calcium/magnesium (which, unfortunately, has fructose in it...nice) and two tsp of high-quality fish oil.  Oh yeah, and about 7000 IU of D3 drops.

Later... after Hubby left for his mountain biking date with his buddy it was time for me to get busy in the kitchen!  I got some beefy bones into the oven to brown before throwing them into the slow cooker to make some bone broth.  While they were in the oven I started peeling potatoes to do my part for Easter dinner at my sister's.

Of course I had to sample the product to make sure it was good enough, but I didn't have much.

At dinner I ate:

- A turkey leg
- My mashed potatoes (made only with butter and 18% cream, with a bit of salt)
- Mashed turnip
- A bit of stuffing
- A whole lot of homemade gravy (you don't pass up my mom's gravy for ANYTHING) ;)
- A glass of water
- A small goblet of lemon pie filling (you know, the Sherriff brand that you make a pie with), which had some pineapple tidbits on top with a green maraschino cherry

I think that's it...and once we got back home we went for a quick walk.  Only water for me until bedtime.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Taking 1

So!  Today's eats have (so far) been:

- 7 drops of Delicious D (vitamin D in cinnamon flavour)
- A small (85g) bag of spicy plantain chips
- Coffee with only un-sweetened chocolate-flavoured almond milk
- A few left-over scraps of delicious, fatty prime rib from last night
- Sips of water here and there


- Dinner at friends' house consisted of ham (the pre-cooked, small-ish, football-shaped ones that are honey-baked or whatever), a EVOO'd baked potato/onion/bell pepper concoction dish, and multi-coloured green beans.  It was damn tasty!
- Water with my meal
- A small shot glass of my friend's port wine that she made at some wine-making store.  It's a dessert wine, so it's best in a tiny glass with a big ice cube.
- Did NOT partake in the popcorn or pretzels that were sitting there on the bar while we played darts

Now that we're home I smell the sweet aroma of plantains getting fried up in butter with cinnamon and a touch of vanilla.  Wow.

- One butter-fried plantain with a touch of cinnamon on top.  OMFG I could die now. :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

It's time to take charge...AGAIN. (FAIL)

Beginning tomorrow morning, no more fucking around with my food intake.  My legs, stomach, and back are all itching like crazy and I wonder if I'll get any sleep tonight.  It's driving me nuts.

Tonight I made a nice prime rib roast and followed this recipe.  It turned out pretty damned good (thanks to the electronic meat thermometer we have) and the side of brussels sprouts were nice as well (I cooked them in a covered casserole dish in a bath of previously-made beef broth, onions and garlic).  MIL asked if there were also a side of yams and DAMMIT I didn't think of that.  One side was all I made.  Woops. :)

Anyway, for dessert we had half a cake that was bought at the grocery store last night.  A traditional, sugar-laden cake with lots of creamy frosting, chocolate shavings, and even chocolate-covered malt balls on top.  I had a tiny slice with my coffee (yes, with fucking cream in it).

As of tomorrow, no more crap.  And we're going to our friends' house for dinner, so this will get interesting.  I have no alcohol to drink, and that's just as well, because I'll be drinking water.  And I'll get ridiculed for it, because that's just the way they are; how can you be having a good time if you're not blasted on something?  Whatever.  This is the friend that works out for 2 hours a day so she can eat junk food all the time and not get fat.  This is the friend who had the lap band surgery before.  She sure as hell ain't skinny, but I guess she enjoys torturing herself.  Oh well.  That's her problem.

Welp, that's it...I'm fucked.

My sugar addiction has started to kick in again and I've been weak.  I'm back to having 18% cream in my 3 coffees a day and *shock* I just noticed that the bastards added dextrose to the cream.  Bugger.

Last week both of us were off and we decided to go see The Hunger Games.  Fearing I would pig out on movie theatre nachos and cheese (my fave snack when pop!), we went to the grocery store to get "healthy" snack to sneak into the theatre.  These healthy snacks morphed into cookies and brownie squares.  Fack.  We snuck a bottle of water each in, hidden in my purse.

This week my skin feels like it's CRAWLING it's SO itchy.  Last night I had to pee at 2:30am and while I was doing so I was ripping away at my legs and it felt soooo good and yet so gawd-awful at the same time.  When I went back to bed the skin was all red and throbbing with heat.  Ugh.  This insane rash (which always seems to start in an arm pit for some reason) is making its way across my body and my taste buds better fuck off with the constant whining for sweet things!!

My mild rosacea  has returned as well.

I've also noticed that there is a lot more mucous in my nasal passages, to the point where I have to snork it back so I don't sound like I'm sick with a cold.  It's real pleasant to have to do this near co-workers while I'm on the phone with a client!  (Thankfully I have a mute button, which has served me well and prevented my firing on a daily basis.)

So, today I will start the changes to reverse this once again.  Coffee is bad when you have a yeast overgrowth problem, so I will reduce my intake (I hate caffeine withdrawal headaches!!!), will gradually revert back to using almond milk in coffee when I do have one, and will not partake in the very-sweet-looking cake we bought as dessert for tonight's dinner (his mummy's coming over).  I will hear about it from her, but I will ignore it.

Guess I won't be having bacon with our usual Sunday breakfast, either.  Grrr.

Oh wait, I do have something positive to report -- I weighed myself this morning, and after all this sugar-binging, the scale still reads 145.3.  Yay!!