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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Well THAT was fun...not.

Food journals suck.  There.  I'm not doing that anymore because it's like writing a book report -- torture.

Yesterday was a weird day - my appetite kept telling me to feed it, even though I wasn't really hungry, and I blame my tongue for wanting flavours of various kinds on it.  Flavour slut.  We'd had eggs for breakfast.  Then a bit later I tried shutting my tongue up by having a couple small pieces of 75% chocolate with PB on it.  It shut it up for about 5 minutes.

After trying to ignore it for a bit I decided to get some fat into me - that's supposed to satisfy hunger for awhile, right?  Took some lovely chicken broth gelatin from the fridge and warmed that up to drink.  Tasty as all hell, but freaking salty because when we cook our chicken thighs we coat them in EVOO and seasoned salt.  Anyway, tasty goodness.  That didn't last.  My brain and tongue were chanting "PLANTAIN CRACK!  PLANTAIN CRACK!!"

Again, I found myself on auto-pilot to get a bag of said crack and munched away, GUILTILY, while I did some review for my upcoming exam.  I love the taste of the spices on the plantain chips, but wow, are they ever addictive (hunny, don't you DARE take these away...I will hurt you).

I seemed to be okay until dinner after the bag of crack, thankfully.  Dinner was a boneless pork rib roast with bacon-wrapped asparagus as a side.  I couldn't eat all that much of my dinner, but somehow I was full/satisfied the rest of the night.

This morning my tummy was rumbling, so I had my coffee and will wait for the Sunday morning usual breakfast of bacon 'n eggs.  Mmmm.

In other news, my nasty rash has reappeared, but it's different this time in that it's not in the usual spot (underarms); it's mostly on my tummy and waist.  Check it out!

It's so bad at times that just pushing my fingernails into it will give me goosebumps.  Then of course I have to drag them across it a bit, but I've been experimenting with tea tree oil on it.  It will take away the sensitivity for a little while (and reduce the redness) but if I don't reapply within an hour or two it's back to square one.  Guess I'd better keep on top of that.

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