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Monday, April 9, 2012

Taking 3

Have to post this before I forget!

Today's eats were:

Breakfast/Lunch (at work):

- 3 x coffee with chocolate almond milk (always the unsweetened flavour, so I'm not going to repeat that again)
- Bag of spicy plantain crack (chips)
- Small piece of prime rib (leftover from my dinner the other night)
- About half a cup of mashed potatoes


- 7-8 vitamin D3 drops
- Two tsp fish oil
- One tsp cal/mag
- Two chicken thighs, lightly coated in EVOO and seasoned salt (OMFGYUM)
- Water the rest of the night (after the 3 coffees with almond milk at work I was put off enough to not crave any at home)

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