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Saturday, October 22, 2011

An over-due update

Let's see...where to start?

I'm pretty sure I have candidiasis, based on the opinion of an online contact (who says he has a BSC and PHD in naturopathy and homeopathy):

If you're sugar-addicted you most likely have candida overgrowth in your gut. MD's should have their licenses revoked for reckless negligence as we see so much of this. They prescribe antibiotics like candy, and never recommend the patient follow up with probiotics. Prescribing antibiotics is ok, but antibiotics these days tend to wipe out all your gut flora as they're broad spectrum. If you have a white fuzz on your tongue in the morning, sugar-addicted, bloated after carbs/sugar, brainfog-ish, that's candida at work.

The sugar cravings are actually the yeast begging you to feed it. Once you get rid of it, the sugar cravings disappear. You must follow the candida diet (much like Atkins), and take both natural and medical antifungal drugs (Diflucan 100 MG, 30 Tabs, one pill, once daily) and no sugar! Sugar is candida food. Natural antifungals do work, but not as well as Diflucan which blows up the yeast cell. As the yeast cells blow up, you will feel crappy as all the toxins from these cells are dumped into your bloodstream. This is called die-off. Drink a ton of water. You can buy a Yeastbusters kit at any health food store, and a bottle of garlic capsules (not odor free) and chew on real garlic cloves as well.

Also, OOO (Oil Of Oregano) in liquid form, five drops on the tongue, breath in and out ten times, take a sip of water, swish in mouth, and swallow will kill yeast from mouth to the other end. Garlic and OOO are the most powerful natural antifungals. Buy a large bottle of probiotics (acidophilus/bifidus) to recolonize your guy flora. This will put your gut flora back into proper balance. Take the probiotics for the rest of your life and only use pharmaceutical antibiotics if your life is in jeopardy. OOO will kill most any bug/cold/flu you will ever come across in your life. And it won't destroy your gut flora.

Read all you can on Candida, buy the book The Yeast Syndrome, follow my guidelines and those in the book and you'll notice in four weeks or so you'll be able to walk through a bakery and look at sweets and you'll look at, smell the bread and you'll come to the realization that you don't crave it anymore.

I don't see myself munching on fresh garlic cloves but I have started taking spoonfuls of EV coconut oil, which is also an anti-fungal. I'm thinking of buying the Yeast Busters kit but I should at least ask my family doctor if the ingredients included in the kit are safe for me before I spend the $100 or so. I really would like to kick this sugar habit...

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