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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Aside from being sick with a cold, this xmas went pretty well, albeit at light speed. All of a sudden it's over, and we have a huge mess to clean up. I've done pretty well with my food intake, merely sampling goodies here and there. I had a small homemade shortbread cookie for dessert (skipping the black forest cake!) at Dad's, and a small slice of pumpkin pie at my sister's. Oh, and I inhaled (not literally lol) the milk chocolate penis pop that was also found in my stocking. ;)

Other than that, when I've been hungry I've eaten good (better) food. Not quite primal, as the leftovers from Dad's included mashed potatoes mixed with mashed turnip with gravy on top, but better than junk food. Ohhhhh the curry goat my step mom made is to die for...

I got a couple sexy santa's helper outfits (HO HO HO, lol) and some nice tops from my sister which accentuate every bump there is to see, so I really need to start working on this belly fat. Starting tomorrow (cause I have a headache today).

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