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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Today's Eats

Today was an experimental day of sorts; I cooked breakfast this morning, which consisted of bacon and an omelet of sorts which started with some of the remaining bacon fat, a bit of garlic and lots of mushrooms, to which I added a bowl of 7 scrambled eggs. We both loved it. The bacon was...well, crispy, juicy NOM-NOM-NOM bacon as usual. :)

Another experiment was using the self-clean cycle of the oven to also get some rust off our cast iron skillet so that we could start seasoning it. We both got some reading time in while it was doing its thing (me: The Primal Blueprint; him: The Feeling Good Handbook).

It took a few hours for that to finish, then I had to wipe everything down, and then I warmed the pan up again to open the pores before rubbing it down with flaxseed oil. Then, back into the oven it went at 500F for an hour. It's too late to do the second round so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

The third experiment today was what I just cooked up as a light dinner/late snack. We had some collard greens in the fridge from our last Wanigan delivery (which I've cancelled for at least the winter), and they were close to going bad so I had to do something with them. I sliced them into strips and followed the same recipe that I make my delicious swiss chard, and I also added the rest of the cremini mushrooms that we had. It came out okay, but collards certainly aren't chard. We ate the shit out of it anyway. :D

Tomorrow after work we'll do the second coating on the pan and I have to start wrapping gifts! I finished my shopping nice and early, but procrastinated on the wrapping...DOH!!

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