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Monday, December 31, 2012

What's in store for 2013?

Apologies for my hiatus there...this blogging thing got real boring real quick.  Let's see if I can think of something more meaningful to say, shall we?

2012 was a year of change for me; after being in the same job for 7 years I was finally able to change to a new one, still with the same company, thankfully.  With this change I decided to take the opportunity to spruce myself up some, specifically by colouring my hair to hide the grey.  In an instant, people would insinuate once again that I was fresh out of school.  It's amazing what a little hair colour can do, eh?!

My new position also involves quite a bit of travel.  My first outing took me to sunny Houston, TX for two days, which was a nice escape from the start of our Canadian winter.  Next, after a couple of local assignments, I flew to Calgary, Alberta for a week, came home on the Friday evening, and flew to Halifax on the next Sunday afternoon, to spend a week there.  Both cities had such delicious food, it was, impossible, to eat primally.  So, I enjoyed myself and ate as much seafood as possible.  (If you're ever in downtown Halifax, go to Salty's, to their upper level restaurant.  The lobster bisque, butter-poached halibut and crab risotto were to DIE for.  Also, go to the middle level of The Lower Deck and enjoy their lobster chowder.  OMFG.)

Ahem...anyway, the food in Halifax was amazing.  The sales taxes sucked.

Now we're into the Christmas season (I don't practice any religion and neither does my family, yet we do the Christmas thing...for some reason) and I've been pretty good in my eating, though I've pretty much fallen off the primal wagon for the latter part of this year.  I have a new goal for 2013, which I'll get into in a moment, but it's time to whip this wet noodle back into shape.

In September 2013 hubby and I (along with whoever of my friends and family wish to participate) will be attempting to complete a Tough Mudder course here in the Toronto area.  It's a huge stretch for me/us, I know, but I also didn't think that shy little me would ever be a product trainer for my employer, either.  We're going to do it and have some fun, dammit!

I really didn't do a whole lot, exercise-wise, this past year.  I'm very soft and have gained back just a few pounds of the 20 that I had lost and kept off for almost 2 years.  Food preparation in our house got really tiring and I was bored of eating the same dishes that we'd cook.  Frankly, I got bored of cooking, too.  I'd come home from work, lounge around, force myself to do some school work, and hope that hubby would be in the mood to put something on the table, which I'd be happy to eat as long as I didn't have to make it.  It got really bad.  Even grocery shopping was a chore.

I'm back to having my daily bag of plantain crack, but it's not the insane addiction like it was before.  I usually have them as my breakfast if I'm not in a position to have bacon and eggs.  They are certainly better then having a muffin or bagel (barf!).

Both hubby and I want to bring more veggies into our diet; our problem is figuring out what to do with them in order to not get bored.  We're going through a bit of a lazy phase, so I think it might be reasonable to rely on canned or frozen veggies through the winter, and hopefully by spring we'll be happy to spend the energy on prep/cooking time again.

The Tough Mudder is going to be a huge challenge for us, but I'm determined to do it.  Let's see what progress we can make by next September.

Here's to a year of positive change and facing our fears. *Raises glass*

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