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Friday, February 3, 2012

Okay, enough already. Let's move on...

Every. Single. Day. For the past week I've had either a full-blown migraine or the feeling of one threatening to blossom.  I'd like to move on now, thank you.

Last Friday I at least had an excuse, what with the effing smoke alarm blaring in my ear (and btw, my ears rang for several days after that), but since then, there isn't an obvious trigger that I can think of.  Let's could be the's February, I'm in Toronto, and there's NO SNOW on the ground.  Bizarro!

Otherwise, I thought maybe I'd upset some neck muscles while attempting my various bodyweight lifting exercises on the bar...or else it could be stress from my idiot clients...not sure.

This weekend we're taking my mom out to shop for a small kitchen table for two (for her new bachelor apartment) and we're also moving her into said apartment on Sunday.  Truck rental, the whole she-bang. Who's betting whether the headaches continue for those days?  Oi.

On to other news...this week I found myself at the Shoe Company shoe store (weakness! lol) and snagged myself a couple pairs of water shoes, which I am now using as slippers at home (blue pair) and at work (black pair):

They are incredibly comfy, light, and flexible, but I wish they came with steel toes built in!!  On both of my big toes my nails are slightly ingrown (ugh!) and today I managed to keep the toe-stubbing to one time only.  Is there a pain worse than this??!?  I'm sure there is, but man oh man, I could have screamed, it hurt so bad.

A couple days ago I stubbed my toe (and this means a gentle contact with a table leg, when you have an ingrown nail) TWICE.  Mama help me and my stupid feet.

I left a message with my doctor's office for a podiatrist referral but haven't heard back yet.  I also have a deep callus on the pad of my foot just south of my baby toe on the left side.  It's getting difficult to walk with all this going on.  :S

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