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Monday, January 25, 2010

Introductory Post

Greetings and welcome to my blog.

I created this blog mostly to discuss how December 31, 2009 was a day of revelation for my boyfriend and I. On that day there happened to be a Fark headline that linked to a particularly interesting post written by Richard Nikoley, which was a progress report after he stopped using soaps and shampoos. After spending most of the evening reading all of the reader comments, we decided we would also try going "'poo free." (The part about the Paleo diet was very interesting too, but one thing at a time...)

As of January 1st, we pretty much went "'poo free". We have daily showers, usually just rinsing our hair with hot-as-we-can-stand-it water, but if I feel the need to do more with my hair I use a baking soda rinse as "shampoo" with a chaser of diluted cider vinegar as a "conditioner." (Don't get this in your tastes awful!)

Now, since we haven't made any drastic diet changes, we still use soap on "the bits", meaning the crotch, bum and armpits, but the rest just gets a good rinsing. Once finished, I turn the temperature down and have a cool rinse. After a light drying-off, I dampen a face cloth, add some olive oil to it, and gently rub it over my face and body. I usually get severely dry, itchy skin in the winter, so the oil helps moisturize. I still have the "winter itchies" so far, but it's not as bad now, and getting better every day.

Rather than glopping all kinds of hair gel/product on my curly (head of) hair, I use a couple of pumps of 100% aloe gel. I don't blow dry; haven't for over a year now. My hair is much more hydrated and the brown tones seem richer. It feels nice, too.

We also stopped using toothpaste (after just stocking up, too, dammit!), brushing only with water and rinsing afterward with mouthwash. (Yes, I know that's cheating a bit, but this is a gradual behaviour change and I haven't yet figured out what to substitute instead.)

As for changes to our diet, we've stopped buying pre-made (sodium-packed!) meals, most canned foods, pre-packaged snack bars, etc., and are making an effort to make our own meals and snacks. It's not easy when you're not a natural in the kitchen, but we are managing thanks to family advice, the internet, and a Betty Crocker cookbook. "Real food" is SO good for you.

Tonight, the boyfriend is making his first solo attempt at making homemade bread. This should be interesting.

I'll be writing more about how things are going with the "'poo free" lifestyle and life in general, and may post some favourite recipes as well. We'll see.


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