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Monday, September 6, 2010

Burpees - Minding My Form

Yesterday ended up being a write-off for both exercise and healthy eating, so today is make-up day. I've never been one to bother writing down what I eat because I just don't need to keep track. I know what I've eaten and whether it's keeping me on track or not.

So, I'll write about what exercises I've done. The other day I mentioned doing 22 burpees in 2 minutes, and my form was admittedly bad. I promised myself today that when I do my burpees they will be in proper form. My DH set the 2-minute timer on his cell and I began. I managed to complete 10 in proper form before needing to stop and catch my breath. He encouraged me to complete one more, which I did, but then he mentioned 11 is an uneven number and surely I could do just one more to round it off. Hah! I managed to finish the 12th burpee just before the timer went off. *pant*

Now I'm hungry so off I go to the kitchen to heat up some delicious BBQ'd ribs. Mmmm.

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