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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tonight's Dinner... in the oven. Yeah, it's gonna be a late one tonight!

This afternoon we visited two of the local farmers' stores; one had just about everything but meat, and the other had meat. From the first one we bought some pumpkin squares (kind of like butter tarts but with pumpkin) for a treat, fresh zucchinis, yams, green onions and some apple butter for tomorrow's ribs dinner. From the second store we bought frozen homemade chicken stock, a free-range chicken stuffed with apple and dried fruit, and bacon (BACON!!!). When we got home we each devoured one pumpkin square (we were famished after exploring the two stores) and hubby started working on our bacon and egg lunch. Goddamn, that bacon was awesome. We'll definitely be going back for more - and the best part is that both stores are less than 10km away!

Next up is the chicken for dinner. I put a few small gobs of bacon fat in the roasting pan, chopped up the zucchinis, some green onion, a yam and a few carrots, and added a bit of water for moisture. Over top of the veggies went some seasoning (Italian seasoning, Montreal steak spice, seasoning salt, and some roasted garlic from a jar). Then the chicken went on top, coated with a bit of EVOO and seasoned with the same spices as the veggies. Here's what it looked like before going into the oven:

A couple hours later....YUM!

Unfortunately, because someone at the farm stuffed the chicken, that meant that it also contained traditional bread stuffing. Oh well, we ate the shit out of it anyway. ;)

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