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Thursday, September 16, 2010


- I'm now taking two fish oil soft gels a day; one with lunch and one with dinner. However, they don't seem to help me with BMs at all because prior to this evening's BM I hadn't had one since Monday. :S

- Had a crap day at work today and an even crappier drive home.

- To get myself out of that post-work funk I called up the college that I'm taking a distance learning course through, and finally got my login information to begin the course (it officially started on the 10th but due to waiting for approvals at work I could only register on the 13th). I logged in and started looking around to get situated with the format and such. Ended up spending a few hours on it, also started the first lesson. Woot!

- After I ended up engrossed in the course stuff, Hubby graciously offered to cook dinner, which was delicious baked/steamed salmon with chopped spinach as a side. YUM!!

- Hubby wanted to go browse for a couple things at Home Depot so we walked over together. I wasn't planning on shopping for anything myself, but somehow we ended up in the sledgehammer section and ended up picking out a NICE 6lb one. Now I need to look up that sledgehammer workout video...

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