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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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I don't know what it is, but sometimes I just can't come up with a suitable title for posts. Realistically, every post could be named 'update' or something just as boring. Enh.

Anyway, yesterday I had worked from home so in between scheduled appointments (phone calls) I had some time to make some almond milk from Nat's recipe. First time ever, and it turned out just fine. I put some in my coffee to see what it tasted like and it was very 'woody'.

Last night's dinner consisted of delicious BBQ'd steak and previously-frozen broccoli. After dinner Rabbit and I went for a nice walk and did some sprints here and there. Boy, did that feel great! I haven't run that fast in YEARS! We also stopped at the playground to see how our pull-ups would go at the monkey bars. Pffft...weaklings! Both of us! Well that will soon change...

Once we got home I started working on Nat's 'pseudo banana bread' recipe (same link above). The recipe HAD said to put the ingredients into a blender to combine them, but the stuff was so thick and dry it wouldn't blend. I damned-near burnt out the motor of the blender (and broke something else by throwing the damned thing) when hubby came down to diffuse the situation. I had added a bit of water to the concoction in hopes of getting it to blend, but it didn't work. I figured by that point that there was probably an error in the instructions (yeah, they meant to say 'food processor' instead of 'blender'), so we transferred everything to the processor and were on our merry way.

Things went a little better in the processor, but since I'd added water the stuff was way wetter than it should have been. Hubby to the rescue again: add more almonds and coconut to it. It helped, but not quite enough. My last attempt at saving it was to grab the bread baking pan and get it into the oven for a bit.

The end result, while edible, wasn't great, but it was alright. The consistency was screwed, of course, but even my co-workers tried it and said it was alright. Next time will be better.

Tonight dinner was pork chops with a tiny bit of honey and cinnamon on them. YUM! The side was previously frozen cauliflower. Unfortunately the apple sauce that was in the fridge had somehow carbonated itself (tasted like champagne lol) so we ditched it instead of slopping it over the pork. Dammit.

After dinner we went for our walk again, with a few sprints. Stopped at the playground again with some gloves to use the monkey bars for (pathetic, failed) pull-ups and stretches.

The recipe to try tonight was batty's blueberry butter balls. These turned out alright (would've been easier if I'd had an ice cream scoop with the little ejection scraper inside it). I guess this snack is something one needs to get accustomed to, since the buttery smooth texture is entirely new to us. One each was enough for now.

Blueberry Butter Balls...mmm.

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