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Friday, November 5, 2010


Today's meals have been garbage. Today, I ate crap. That's more accurate. McDonald's was involved. Yesterday, I ate crap as well. Some of it was good, but for the most part, CRAP. Yesterday I went for product taste testing (paid) and there were 6 different store-made white cakes to sample and rate. Really. I should have downed two fish oil capsules after that. If I were anorexic I would've thrown that shit back up. But I'm not, so life goes on.


I DON'T want this trip to end. I want to lose a little more weight. I want to feel good again. We just got our second Wanigan delivery today and I intend on eating every last bit of all the fruits and veggies. I don't know exactly what I'll do with the fennel yet, but I'll find a recipe somewhere.

There was also red chard in there. Wow that shit is vibrant. I took pictures of it; I was so inspired. What a neat looking vegetable!

Tomorrow will be another day of eating crap, because someone else will be cooking it. *sigh* I can't wait til Sunday, where we'll enjoy our regular breakfast of bacon and farm-fresh eggs. That reminds me...I need to go to Broadway Farms to buy more bacon.

I got my uptake and scan test results today. They said the two small cysts didn't show up on the scan, but my T4 is in the high-normal range. They want to send me for another uptake and scan in two months to see if there's a difference. They also want me to get another ultrasound done in about 6 months to check on the cysts. So there you go.

I had walked over to the walk-in clinic for my results while my winter tires were being put on my car. *wail!* Winter's gonna suck!!! Oh wait...I can work from home when I want/need and hubby and I each have a pair of snowshoes for exercise. Hopefully it won't be too bad. :)

OH!! I almost forgot. My winter itch is already back. I recently trimmed my fingernails so it's really hard to scratch. How unfulfilling that is. I've started putting grapeseed oil on my legs to try to calm the itch a bit. It works for a little bit but returns the next morning. *screams*

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