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Saturday, November 20, 2010


After working from home Thursday and Friday I needed to let loose and have some fun. Hubby was working late and then later attending a send-off dinner for one of his co-workers, so I decided to enjoy some Bajan rum with Coke and crank some tunes as I surfed the net.

The drinks were going down very smoothly, I was singing along to the music, chatting with an old girlfriend, making kale chips, and baking some chicken wings (gently coated with olive oil, low-sodium soya sauce, flax seeds, and chopped almonds...mmm!). The kale chips were tasty, but a tad overdone.

Hubby came home and asked me how I was doing. I said I was doing very well, thanks, and after a quick smooch off he went upstairs to hop on his computer. I checked on the little darlings in the oven a couple times, the last time really resisting the urge to just lay on the floor of the kitchen to have a nap. I almost gave in.

I sat back down at the dining room table (where my laptop was) and lay my head down on my arm. Hubby came down at some point and asked if I was alright, if I wanted him to help me relocate to the couch/bed/wherever (such a sweetie he is). I declined, so he asked if I wanted a bucket. LOL. I accepted that offer and he brought out the small garbage can from the washroom. He also checked the wings and took them out of the oven for me.

It felt really, really good to rest my head on the table. Really good. Until I suddenly noticed that my mouth was watering. Uh-oh. I've never been a messy puker, so I got the bucket ready and up came the kale. Just the kale - no rum and coke, oddly enough. It looked like a tiny pile of chewed-up grass. I almost laughed at it.

The sound of barfing got hubby running down again to check on me, and he later commented how funny it is that I'm so quiet all the time (hence the Mouse nickname) except for when I sneeze or barf. LOL

He helped me over to the couch where I laid down sooooo comfy-like. After a short rest I made my way upstairs to brush my teeth and get into bed. Nothing else came up, thankfully, and I tried sipping as much water as I could before falling asleep. In the morning I was woken up at 7:30 by the piece of shit dog down the street, as usual, but I felt just fine.

I know that I drank too much considering I hadn't eaten a whole lot. Breakfast was some yogurt and lunch was 3 sunny-side-up eggs that were a bit runny for my liking, but I was pressed for time so I ate them anyway. Add the couple kale chips to that and that was it. The wings were going to be my dinner. I should've taken them out of the freezer and cooked them earlier. Live and learn. :)

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