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Sunday, November 7, 2010

WIN! Red (Swiss) Chard Recipe

Made this tonight and we inhaled it! I still have the BEST aftertaste in my mouth. Mmmmmmmm.

Recipe - Simply Recipes

(My substitutes were to use Montreal steak spice instead of crushed red peppers, and thus I didn't need to add any more salt.)

Today's food intake started out good enough, with farm-fresh bacon and eggs, but then I got into the apple crisp and birthday cake from last night. I am powerless when this sort of stuff is in the house! If I see it, I have to eat it! I just love the taste so much. :(

Anyway, that was early today and I'm back on track now. I had some of the chard after finishing off the sardines I had cracked open a few days ago (canned), and then because my tummy was still craving cake and possibly the lasagne in the fridge, I had a cheese stick (mozza and cheddar) and a small apple. If I feel the need to have anything else I might have a square or two of dark chocolate and/or some almonds. Yeah.

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