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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Scratch That...Ugh!

In one of my earlier posts I stated that my "winter itchies" were getting better every day. Well, that isn't turning out to be the case after all. Yesterday I scratched my legs almost to the point of drawing blood (which, unfortunately, isn't a rare occurrence).

It very likely has something to do with the hotter than normal showers I'm now taking, and/or not having enough olive oil on my cloth after the shower. I don't want to have cooler showers at this point, as the heat is needed to rinse the day's "dirt" off me since I'm not shampooing or using soap (except on the "bits"), so as of this morning I've started using more oil on my cloth.

I really, really hope this improves things. I can't go to Barbados in March looking like my cat used me as a scratching post!

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