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Monday, January 3, 2011

The "Mother In-Law"

My "MIL" (in quotes because Rabbit and I are just common-law) came over yesterday (Sunday) to make dinner for us here, so she arrived with most of the fixings and got started. The main dish was going to be a hunk of roasted beef (no complaints there!), but the one side dish she brought was something she called dumplings, but it consisted of tiny little balls that resembled pasta. There were three ingredients, one of which was flour, so I wasn't too keen on eating this stuff, but I had told my honey that I was going to shut up and eat whatever she made, because it was her who previously droned on about how there's nothing wrong with eating (whole) grains, etc. I'm not interested in hearing it anymore and I'm tired of explaining myself. Anyway, she had asked what we might have on hand for sides and she chose cauliflower to go into the oven with the roast.

When the beef was done she wanted to use the drippings to make a gravy. I said we had some corn starch (I'm not sure whether this is any better than white flour, but offered it anyway), but noooo she only wanted flour. She knows darn well that I do not wish to consume flour/grains, but like I said, I shut up and ate what she made anyway. I honestly think she's trying to provide her son with these CW foods because she feels I'm depriving him. She even mentioned she'd bring ingredients to make bread next time, since my stand-up mixer came with a dough hook. *facepalm*

This must be why people don't usually get along with their in-laws, right??

When she comes over she usually brings the supplies to make her apple crumble dessert as well, and this time was no different. I had some and shut up about it.

Tomorrow I'll eat what *I* want to eat.

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