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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 was the year...

- I decided to (for the most part) go poo-less and soap-less. And made my own deodorant.

- I enrolled myself in a one-day course on being a crematorium operator (boy, was THAT ever interesting!).

- We went on our first real vacation (my first since I was 10 yrs old).

- We decided to (for the most part) eliminate sugar, grains and processed food from our diet.

- I really learned to cook, mostly by using a lot of great recipes I found on the Internet.

- I lost 16 lbs from the above diet changes, going from 166 to 150 (and holding, +/- a couple lbs).

- My mother, with the aid of a hospital stay and medication, FINALLY got her mental illness under control and is FINALLY behaving normally (she had been in a bad state for a number of years, last year being the worst in memory) which was really hard on all of us.

- We made an unprecedented move and canceled our cable (thus rendering our living room virtually abandoned).

- I hated my current job the most (especially the rude, condescending asshole clients) and really, really wanted out.

- I FINALLY chose a career path I wanted to pursue (Occupational Health & Safety) and began taking distance learning courses.

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