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Monday, March 19, 2012

Dad: A breakthrough!!!

My dad's been sick with a cold.  Since the end of December.  Okay, maybe it's been two or more colds in succession, but you get the idea.  I hate hearing him sound like shit and he's tired of being sick.  Hell, he's tired of talking about being sick.  It was my chance, so I took it!

I asked if he had a lot of mucous and he said hell yes - when he blows his nose his eye shoots some stuff out.  Okay, that's odd, but anyway, the answer is yes.  I offered a suggestion to try avoiding dairy for a few weeks, to see if it would help with the snot overload.  He thought for a second, then said he didn't really have a lot of dairy...only with his morning cereal (Raisin Bran), but he could go without his cereal for awhile to try it.

BLAMMO!!!!!!!  Two birds with one stone!!

Holy shit, this is the first time he's ever been willing to give up his morning dose of sawdust.  The little crumbs get stuck in his throat all the time and make him cough - he's said this to me before, yet he continues eating the shit to get his fiber.  Oi.  The perils of being married to a (wonderful, lovely, funny) nutritionist.

Anyway, he said he'd try it!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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