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Friday, March 2, 2012

Stupid neck!!!

It's been an interesting week...the back of my neck is absolutely killing me on a daily basis, and I wonder if it's because of the new height-adjustable desk I have at home.  Perhaps I'm not using it at the right height, or, maybe I need to go to the chiropractor for an interim adjustment since I'm now doing a LOT more standing at work and home.  Not sure, but this is really annoying me.  It hurts like fuck.

Nothing much interesting is going on in the foodiness of my being...I haven't had the desire to cook very much, what with being occupied with Sons of Anarchy (DROOOOOL) and schoolwork.  I don't feel the urge to be creative in the kitchen and thus we've been eating pretty much the same meals each week, cooked exactly the same way.  A little boring, yes, but at least the stuff tastes good!

I've laid off the alcohol and sweet cheats since my last update and didn't even order a slice of to-die-for coconut cream pie as part of our Swiss Chalet delivery last night.  I came close, but I didn't.

My latest rash is starting to clear up, thankfully. Damn that sugar crack.  DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!

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