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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mmm, Acorn Squash

Yesterday at work one of my co-workers came over to comment on how good I looked since I lost some weight this year. We got to talking about how I did it and she was genuinely interested in learning more. I told her about cutting out the sugar and grains, eating REAL FOOD, etc. and she was excited to try it out.

Today she stopped by my desk, again commented on how good I looked in my new outfit (lol) and told me about what she cooked for dinner last night. She was all excited that she made pork and a whack of veggies, plus she made her own apple sauce and DIDN'T add any sugar! I was very proud of her and her excitment. See, she goes to the gym several times a week and is finding that while it is a way to let stress out, it's not helping her lose any weight. Matter of fact, I've noticed her face rounding out a bit.

Later, we ran into each other in the washroom and again she looked me up and down before mentioning how good I looked. LOL Now, she's NOT a lesbian and she just got re-married earlier this year, so I know she's not being lewd. I sent her a message on our internal chat system joking that next thing you know she'll be asking me out on a date! (hahahaha!) She got a kick out of that. :)

For the hubby and I, today was workout day after work. After working out we prepared an acorn squash to go with our dinner of leftovers. Hubby cut the thing open and I did the rest. NO brown sugar touched this squash! I took a knife and scored the meaty insides, smeared butter all over them, and sprinkled cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice on them. I felt something else might be good as a liquid, so I added a tiny bit of (real) vanilla extract as well. Into the 400F oven they went for about an hour and 15 mins. Here's what one looked like:

Mmm, mmm.

I got a call from the walk-in clinic tonight as well. They have my blood test results back and the doctor wants to see me to talk about them. I hope to make it there tomorrow after my massage therapy after work.

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