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Friday, October 8, 2010

Oh what a day.

It started off pretty normal for a vacation day; roll outta bed at around 10...get breakfast in me...but today would turn out to be a busy day!

Breakfast was leftover steak chili from Broadway Market. OMGYUM!!

We needed to put another coat of paint on the garage door but before starting that I wanted to make a quick run out to Broadway to grab some of their prepared stock. I grabbed two containers of chicken and one of beef. Can't wait to use them in something!

Painting the garage door was next up, and I tell ya, after us working together yesterday to do two coats and one today, I've had just about enough of painting! My thumb went numb from holding the plastic container holding a bit of paint and my back is a tad screwed. The next paint project will likely be the rec room in the basement, but that won't be any time soon!

Once the garage door was (finally) done, we decided to go to Albion Hills for a nice hike since the weather was so gorgeous (and we had hoped to do this sometime this week, anyway). Here are some pics of what we saw:

We really had a great time out there - aside from the odd mountain biker or jogger, it was just us and the trees. Oh, and the turkey (??!). :)

Once we got home we realized we'd forgotten about dinner (and it was kind of late to start cooking), so we whipped together a batch of coconut milk/banana/cocoa powder smoothies. Mmmm, mmmm.

(TMI side note: I just spent 10 mins in the washroom with pretty bad diarrhea. I think I just lost 5 lbs (lol) but I feel kind of funny over all. Hmmm...)

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