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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Boring Sunday post...

I decided last week to wean myself off the YeastBuster program because I felt I was ready and I was really sick and tired of having that damn drink first thing every morning.

I'm happy to be off it, but I left all the bottles in the same spot on the counter as a bit of a reminder; if you fall off the wagon you'll be back on this wagon!!  Yucky.

So far, so good.  I've not gorged myself on cakes yet, which is a good sign of me actually kicking this yeast problem/sugar addiction.  There are sweets in the cupboard (such as semi-sweet chocolate chips and my dad's homemade rum-soaked fruitcake) that are not interesting to me at all.  What a revelation!

Last night we went to our friends' house for dinner.  They didn't know what to make us for dinner so they made tacos.  Well, sounds good to me - I haven't had tacos in eons!  I looooooooove eating a hard-shell taco loaded with ground beef, tomatoes, lettuce and shredded cheese.  Yum!  I had two hard-shell and one soft-shell and I was pretty full.  Oh yeah, I drank two rum 'n Cokes.  Only two.

I brought a container of blueberries and strawberries plus a small container of coconut milk because I knew they would have crap for dessert (and I was right).  My friend busted out the chocolate cream pie from the fridge shortly after we went downstairs to play darts.  She also had a really gross-looking bag of no-name cheese crunch things.  Blech.  I had a sliver of the pie.  Normally I would have told everyone to get their own damn pie while I ate mine...okay, I'm exaggerating.  A little.  After my sliver of pie I got myself a nice bowl of fruit in coconut milk.  My friends commented on how good it looked so of course I offered them some.  After all, I brought enough for everyone;  I'm a good friend. :)

Today I had bacon with my eggs for the first time in, like, two months (because of being on the YB program - delicious bacon is NOT allowed on the program).  It's a boring day and I'm supposed to be reading for my latest course (Fire Protection) in the Occupational Safety and Health program I'm working through, but I'm finding that my mind keeps wandering to the kitchen for some munchies.  A couple of plantain chips and a few spoonfuls of vanilla-flavoured, 9% MF yogurt did the trick.  For now.  I'll continue reading after posting this entry.

Weighed myself yesterday and the scale read 145.4 lbs, but since we've started working with weights and the pull-up bar I can't worry too much about weight anymore.  I wore my size 7 pants last night!  W00t!!

Chicken thighs for dinner.  Can't wait!!

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