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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Follow-up to the revelation post

In my last post I spoke about buying a treat as a bit of a test, and while I didn't gorge myself on the cake, it did taunt me every time I opened the fridge so I had to hide it behind another item.  That worked really well, actually, because I forgot about it so well that I was surprised when I saw it yesterday (I had to get a pork chop out of the container that was hiding the cake).  That's a point for me, in my books.

Yesterday we forgot to defrost the package of chicken thighs so we ordered in.  Swiss Chalet is our favourite chicken restaurant, which also offers a great-tasting fish dinner (with a side of veggies instead of chips/fries).  So we ordered one each, a ceasar salad each, and...a dessert each.  Crap.

Mine was their beyond-fucking-scrumptious coconut cream pie (weakness!!) and his was their carrot cake.  I didn't eat my pie until later at night because of being full from dinner, but as soon as I ate it I felt guilty for even ordering it in the first place.

No more.  I want to fit into my size 7 pants, DAMMIT!!

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