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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A revelation, indeed!

Last night we went grocery shopping for a few items and I practically forced myself to pick out something from the bakery section that would be that first official "oh-so-worth-it" indulgence after competing the YB program.  We brought home a Laura Secord chocolate mousse cake.  (I picked something small so that it wouldn't linger within my sight and reach for too long.)

Last night my taste buds wanted to taste it but my brain told them it was too late at night, the fast has begun, and to just shut up because they weren't getting any until tomorrow.  It actually worked!

This morning I walked (note: didn't RUN) to the fridge to have a small piece with my morning coffee.  I enjoyed eating it and did not feel the urge to have a second piece.  Holy.  Shit.

This evening, again, my taste buds are asking for something for a snack (reminding me about the cake in the fridge) but my brain has already told them to can it for the night.  Wow.  I'd say this experiment was an astounding success.  :)

Our dinner tonight was something I had intended to make for breakfast (since I worked from home today); bacon, onions, garlic and shredded sweet potato in a pan.  It was actually good!  Next time I'll cook the bacon til it's crispier, the onions until they're a little more caramelized, and the sweet potato separately so that it's more like hash browns.  Anyway, will eat again.

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